Hi! My name’s Arianna, and this is my blog.  Thanks for checking it out!  I love food: learning about it, preparing it, taking pictures of it.  Food is fun!  Baking is my favorite way to prepare food, so most of the recipes on this blog will be baked.

Strangely enough, eating what I make isn’t my favorite part of baking or cooking (although that certainly is an added benefit!).  My favorite part is seeing what I make make other people happy.  It sounds goody-goody, but it’s true.  Most of the time, if I make something, it’s to share with others or give it away.  This has two benefits: I get to make other people happy, and I don’t gain 10 pounds every week!

On a related note, if I post something here, most of the time either it will be healthy, like my apple chips, or there will be some modifications you can make to make it healthy (or not! I’m fine with that too :)).  That said, there will be plenty of things that you would be hard pressed to classify as healthy.  Variety is the spice of life!

Again, thanks for checking out my blog, and I hope to see you around often!


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